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Rick's Rate Card

There isn't any reason that pricing has to be complicated.  I'm a big fan of keeping things simple.  And to that end, I'm happy to accommodate paying by the word, minute, or hourI understand every project is unique and can work within your available budget. 

Prices vary based on project specifics, however, these are the basic range of rates for most of the

E-learning, Corporate Narration, & Explainer videos that I do.

$.19 - $.29

Per Word

$34 - $54

Per Finished Minute

Price Ranges

A typical e-learning, corporate narration, or explainer project will fall somewhere towards the middle of these rates.  The more complex your project, the more likely for the rate to increse. 

Projects are subject to $125.00 minimum session fee 

All pricing shown is quoted in U.S. dollars.  

Factors that affect price

When you are planning and budgeting the voice over for your project, consider these factors that may increase or decrease the rate.

Reasons for rates to Increase

Reasons for rates to Decrease

  • Live client direction

  • Ultra-tight deadline

  • Dense, technical script

  • Small, one-off projects

  • Script changes after the recording process has begun.

  • Complex file splits and labeling

  • Extensive audio editing and effects

  • Self directed session

  • Flexible deadline

  • Conversational script

  • Large, repeat projects

  • Limited retakes

  • Simple file labeling and few file splits

  • Minimal edits and audio processing required

Commercial, animation & promo.

Not So Fine Print

All prices quoted are for corporate or client single platform use only. This DOES NOT include broadcast, TV, Radio, Internet advertisement usage.  Any additional usage must be compensated separately. 

All per-minute rates are rounded up to the nearest whole minute.  

Special services such as added music, video synchronization, or sound effects will be negotiated separately.

If not negotiated beforehand, payment terms are 30 days from completion.

Special rates for non-profit companies. Please contact to learn more.

© 2021 by RICK MACIVOR.

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